You may have heard that the Governor’s stay-at-home order is expiring Sunday (April 26th) at 12:01 AM and houses of worship are allowed to gather together again as long as we meet social distancing requirements.  Here is what we are doing to make sure that we are being both safe and wise in these unique times:
What we doing to insure safety and adherence to the Governor’s directives:
  • Prop All Doors open so no one has to touch
  • Have hand sanitizer station right as walk into church and another next to the worship folders
  • Open windows in church (if weather allows) to increase ventilation
  • Rope off every other row in sanctuary
  • Tape off pews to mark places people SHOULD NOT sit
  • Move chairs around to maximize seating opportunities and still have families 6+ feet away
  • Offerings plates will not be passed but you can donate online or place in offering basket on way in/out
  • No handshakes from me (will greet people in place where we can be 6+ feet apart)
  • Print off entire worship service (including hymns) so don’t have to open hymnal
  • Clorox wipe down all pews and high use surfaces after each service
  • We will still livestream the service at 10:30 AM and upload the bulletin on the website
  • We have also added an 8:30 AM worship service.
  • We will not have Adult Bible Study or Sunday School at church – I will upload sheets to do at home
  • We will look into feasibility/desire to add an online Zoom Bible Study during the week 
  • We will encourage dismissing (leave the church) from the back to front so people don’t have to walk past each other.
  • We will again celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first and third Sunday's of the month.  However, we have made a few changes to ensure that we keep social distance. 
    • We will have one family approach the altar at a time.  
    • On your way, grab a cup (with your wafer inside) from the table by the baptismal font.
    • Walk to the "station" on your side of church where you will find the individual cups.
    • Pastor will speak the words from in front of the altar (6+ feet away)
    • After eating and drinking, proceed back to your seat by going down the side aisle, out into the entryway, and then back to your pew.
    • After everyone has received the sacrament, Pastor will announce the blessing for everyone.
What we ask of you:
  • Those who are most at risk, or don’t feel comfortable should stay home and participate online
  • If feeling sick or have any symptoms, please stay home!!!
  • Sit with your family and sit at least 6 feet from another family unit
  • Congregate Outside (if weather allows) or spread out in the entryway
  • Try to fill church from front to back and outside to inside to keep people from having to walk past others
  • Have each person grab bulletin from pile, print off at home or download and use personal device (phone/tablet)
  • If you are going to follow along on phone, please make sure the ringer is off
  • Please take home your worship folder or throw it away at the end of the service
  • Practice good hygiene, including but not limited to washing your hands often, cough into elbow or tissue
  • We encourage people to wear masks or bandanna over their face if they are comfortable doing so
  • Please RSVP back to me whether you / your family will be coming this weekend
We are optimistic and excited at the possibility of worshiping together in person again, but also want to be wise, loving and follow the directives put in place by those whom God has put over us.  Therefore, we would love it if your family is able to be here in person at either 8:30 AM or 10:30 AM, but please understand that there is no pressure to do so.  I completely understand that this is an uncertain and unique time and each family will want to prayerfully do what they think is best for them.  To that point, I will continue to upload the worship folder, Bible Class and Sunday School material, and livestream the service. 

I pray you are all well and that we will all be able to worship in person together soon.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please let me know.

In Christ alone,
Pastor Jeff Sonntag