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 What is Mornings with Mommy?

Mornings with Mommy sessions run from 9:30-10:30 am on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. We begin on the Circle Time rug with songs, stories, and some flannel board activities that center on a theme like “Things that Go” or “Colors and Shapes.” Then sessions break into Mommy-led learning activities.  Moms, dads, grandparents or other caregivers are invited to join us for a fun learning experience.

Here’s a look at our six learning stations:

Gross Motor: The activity at this center requires the children to work large muscle groups. You can bet there will be some jumping, lifting, or skipping involved. This makes for some nice long naptimes in the afternoon!

Fine Motor: This center features activities that work small muscle groups. Children will build with small blocks, put puzzles together, manipulate small pretend toys, and the like.

Art/Craft: This center provides a fun project that parents and their kids can do together. Paint and glue are kid favorites at this station, but parents don’t mind because we clean up the mess!

Sensory: Kids love this station! Each session we fill large bins with sensory rich material like rice, pasta, beans or corn kernels and allow the kids to dig for treasures. Some children choose to spend the entire session here!

Mural: Each session features a fun mural that depicts our theme. Kids can add their drawings to the mural to enhance this collective work of art.

Infant Area: Don’t forget the babies! We have a special place for them too. It includes fun baby toys and a large mirror for them to discover their cute little selves.

Sessions end with a yummy snack for the kids.

Program Details

What: Educational play-dates with Mommy for infants through preschool. Each session has a different theme.
When: From 9:30 - 10:30 am on the second and fourth Monday of the month.
Cost: There's no cost.  We're glad to serve you and your family! 
Registration: Advance registration is required at our event registration page (just click a date below).

Note that when you click on a date, the reigstration form will allow you to register for all the sessions offered that month.

September 10th - Squirrels, S’mores & Camping -- Registration Closed 

September 24th - Things that Go  -- Registration Closed 

October 8th - At the Farm  --  Registration Closed

October 29th - All about Me  [**This is the 5th Monday in October**]  --  Registration Closed

November 11th - Harvest Time and Fall Fun  -- Registration Closed

November 26th - Music and Instruments  -- Registration Closed

December 10th - Happy Birthday Jesus Party -- Registration Closed


If you have any questions, just send Melissa an email at