Growing in Hope

More joy, more patience, more understanding, more hope - who wouldn't want these?

God promises us that he gives these blessings and more when we grow in his Word.  Throughout the year, we offer this class privately or in groups to help people understand all the basic truths of the Bible.  The class, led by our pastor, is a chance to study the basic teachings of the Scriptures and apply them to our lives. 

There is no cost for attending.  Pastor will provide some written materials, but our "textbook" will be the Bible.  Your questions and discussion are encouraged, but no one will be put on the spot. 

The class is open both to members of our church and those who are simply seeking to learn more about the Bible.  While there is no obligation, those who complete the course and find themselves in agreement with our teachings are welcome to join our church family.

Here's a brief outline of our study:
  • Hope grows as we meet God  (What do we know about God?  How do we know it?)
  • Hope shattered and restored (Where does evil come from?  What does God do about it?)
  • Hope grows as we learn about our Savior (The person and nature of Jesus Christ)
  • Hope grows as we learn about death and resurrection (What happens when I die?  Will this world come to an end?)
  • Hope grows as I learn God's messages (What's the main point of the Bible?  How do you read it?)
  • Hope grows as I learn about my roots (The beginning of the world)
  • Hope grows as God changes my heart (Coming to faith; the Holy Spirit)
  • Hope grows as God makes me his child (What is baptism?)
  • Hope grows as God gives himself to me (The Lord's Supper)
  • Hope grows as I join with others (What is the Church?  What does God say about the difference between churches?)
  • Hope grows as I listen to God's message (What is the Bible?  Where did it come from?)
  • Hope grows as I approach God in prayer
  • Hope grows as I learn to serve God (Why does what I do matter to God?)
  • Hope grows as I learn to serve others
  • Hope grows as I worship God (What does God say about how to worship him?)
  • Hope grows as I share my hope with others
  • Hope grows in the Christian family (What is 'love'?  'Marriage'?)
  • Hope grows as I find my place (Spiritual gifts)
  • Hope grows as I see God's hand in history (Key events in church history)
  • Hope grows as God convinces me of my value (Our real status before God)
  • Hope grows as I see my mission in life more clearly
If you have any questions, please call (406.586.7979) or write Pastor Sonntag  (  God's blessings!